Character Aesthetic: Delia Roberts (#2)

Delia has been met with different opinions from betas and my editorial folks, but I’ve really enjoyed crafting her, and will continue to do so up to publication time.

A quote from my recent interview on Sarina Langer’s blog regarding my take on vampire hunter Delia Roberts, main character of The King:

At the same time, I wanted to explore writing a character like Delia. She feels authentic to me: someone who wants to be good at a job they think they were destined for, but finds they’re kind of just coasting. I mention quarter-life crisis a lot, which I think a lot of people poke fun at, but it feels very real to me and a lot of people my age. You have these expectations in life: high school, college, job, adult. And it’s not really happening as easily as it once was. Psychologically, when you create certain expectations that aren’t met repeatedly, you start to break down a little. Delia is my exploration of that.


The King on Goodreads

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