Erotic Short Shorts Series

Who likes erotic short shorts?


Welcome to the Erotic Short Shorts series page. I hope you thoroughly enjoy your stay. Between writing novellas and novels and freelance pieces, sometimes my brain needs a little downtime to write plot bunnies. Nothing crazy. All with potential, but nothing more than a snippet. Enter my erotic short story series. Each story is a standalone piece, varying in genre and tone, always with smut and hints of romance (and by hint, sometimes it’s like being hit over the head with a mallet).

Each story has the potential to be a full-length piece with enough of a push for it.

Contemporary Erotic Romance

Happy-HourHappy Hour (#1)

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Word Length: 10K

Warnings: None

Heat Level: 3/5 (steamy)

Trope: Enemies-to-Lovers

Elle Evans has been climbing the corporate ladder at her company for years. Unfortunately, one stupid, awful, terrible presentation has sealed her fate: no promotion this year. Maybe not even the next.

Devastated, she heads to the local watering hole at happy hour to drown her sorrows and forget. But how can she when work frenemy Grant O’Reilly appears out of nowhere? Their combative relationship has always been a thorn in her side, and when they run into each other at a club close to the office, sparks definitely fly.

Just not the ones Elle is used to.

Holiday Erotic Romance

Holiday Hell 1Holiday Hell (#2)

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Word Length: 17K

Warnings: None

Heat Levels: 3/5 (steamy)

There’s no greater hell than working retail in December.

Having completed a highly competitive marketing internship in New York City, Elise thought she could handle anything life had to throw at her—until the internship didn’t lead to a job. Savings depleted, she abandoned one of the most expensive cities in the world to move back in with her parents in small town Middle of Nowheresville. Needing to replenish her bank account, she applied to the only place hiring: Bennington’s Department Store.

She just didn’t realize that working at the big box retailer full-time during the Christmas season would bring her within an inch of her sanity.

Enter Jack. Tall, rugged, handsome. Sweet. Funny. Kind of a flirt. Divorced dad on the hunt for a very specific, ridiculously popular Miss Molly doll that Santa will deliver to his little angel on Christmas Eve. He quickly becomes a regular in Elise’s toy department, juggling his crazy work schedule with his quest to find the perfect gift. And Elise is determined to make his Christmas wish come true, one way or another.

Little do either of them realize, what they both need for Christmas this year—is each other.