It Begins Here Cover

Officially available on Amazon. Release date November 7th, 2015.

Life is full of them, whether in a steampunk universe, the balmy mountains of India in the 1900s, a stark hospital room in which love is the only survivor, or a laughter-filled playground where dark secrets linger. In this anthology, seven female up-and-coming authors have joined together to detail their visions of what a meaningful beginning contains—romance, death, supernatural abilities, courage, but most of all … change.

'Til Death - Version 2

‘Til Death by Liz Meldon

The gods have always been more like humans than they care to admit. Love. Lust. Jealousy. Hatred—there’s no escaping any of it. ‘Til Death is a quick look into the romantic dalliances of the ancient ones, detailing the beginnings of two very different marriages in two powerful pantheons. Set centuries before fading gods Loki and Aphrodite happen upon each other in modern-day Manhattan, this piece is a part of the paranormal romance serial Lovers and Liars, and acts as a small glimpse into the lives of gods and goddesses before the world forgot them.

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