Paranormal Romance

Ongoing Works:

Games We Play: a paranormal romance featuring vampires, vampire hunters, and a dash of the end of the world. Slated to be two books, plus a prologue. Some erotic content. Prologue and Book 1 are currently available. Book 2 set to release mid-late 2017.

Lovers and Liars: a paranormal romance serial featuring Loki and Aphrodite in the modern world. Slated to be nine books of varying lengths, along with a prequel series. Frequent erotic content. Books 1-3 available, plus two prequel short stories.


The Ancients: a paranormal romance series about the “ancients” of different paranormal species coming to terms with the modern world. Book 1: a vampire and an HR intern are on the run from just about everyone.

Dark Days: a paranormal romance standalone featuring a wolf shifter and a vampire teaching at an American boarding school in Norway.

Lovers and Liars: Immortal Wars Series: a series of connected standalones, ranging from novellas to full-length novels, about the gods in the Lovers and Liars universe falling to war as their humans forget them.