Author Interview: Claire Mansfield

Hello everyone! November is Author Interview month on my official website and this blog, and I’m beyond thrilled to kick things off with the talented Claire Mansfield.

Now, I wanted my interviews to be a little different. I had a list of roughly 30 questions, and all my authors were given a mix of different ones so that things stay fresh. Going forward, each wonderful author has five questions that they’ve all given great responses to. Some give advice to new writers, others are here to chat about an upcoming release.

And now, without further ado, the lovely Claire Mansfield!

  1. Any advice for new writers?

The only advice I can give to new writers is to never give up.  I have written for years, but it has taken me a lot of years to pluck up the courage to self-publish my book, Whispers In Corridors. Only you will know when you are ready to take the next step, enjoy what you are doing.

  1. What’s your preferred genre to write in?

I love chit lit.  I read authors such as Jill Mansell, Sophie Kinsella, and Amy Lynch.  I aspire to write like them.  They make me laugh and cry and jump with joy, all I can hope is that others feel that way about my books.

  1. Tell me a little about your recent release.

My most recent book, Whispers In Corridors is about a male teacher who is unfortunate enough to meet a female student.  I don’t want to give anything away.  I work in a school so felt comfortable using that setting.  I felt sorry for both Damian and Jaqueline as I wrote it.

  1. Do you see some of yourself in your main character? What traits have passed from you to them?

My main character is male, but some of what he goes through as a dad with a baby I stole from my husband.  I found Jaqueline’s voice by looking back on my school days.  I can assure you I’m nothing like her, something you will understand when you read my novel.

  1. What are you most excited about with this release?

I’m most excited about people I’ve never met reading my work and reviewing it.  However, I’m also extremely nervous about it.  I love writing and lose myself in it, which I’m hoping comes across when it is read.

Whispers In Corridors

Whispers in Corridors

His life is perfect. He has a beautiful wife.  Gorgeous new baby girl.  A nice house in the suburbs and a new job.

He is a teacher in a secondary school, teaching a subject he is passionate about, English. He is the type of man who will go that extra mile for his students. His life was perfect until he met Jaqueline Sollihall a year ten student who has other ideas about her favourite teacher.

Things take a downturn for Damian very quickly leaving him confused and stunned.

Get it at Amazon UK, Amazon, and Smashwords!

About Claire

Claire Mansfield

I am a mother with five children and a grandchild due any day now, very exciting.  I work as a 1-1 Learning Support Assistant in a primary school.  I’m very busy, but make time for my writing rising at 5.30 every morning to get some done.  I’m like a bear with a sore head if I don’t get at least an hour in before waking my family.  I have ten books written, but have released my most recent one, Whispers In Corridors.  I am currently my next and have another in the wings.  I’m at my happiest with a pen in my hand. My eldest daughter, Leanne Mansfield, who is about to become a mum designed and drew the cover of my book.

My book is available to purchase on Amazon Kindle UK/USA/AU and Smashwords.

Connect with her on Twitter!

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