Vacation Mode: Engaged

Hello hello hello! Things are going to be a little quiet for a while here, because I’m heading off on vacation! As of tomorrow, my Man and I are moving to a new city — and then a few weeks later we’re getting married!


I’m super duper excited, but all these awesome IRL events are going to be really hard on my post-concussion syndrome. So, to make sure I don’t burn out and flail into the sun, I’m taking May and June off to properly recover from everything.

I will be back at it full-time in July, kicking things off with Penny and Felix in the Unbowed series. Wheeeeeeeeeee!


Countdown || The Uprising (The Hunt, #5)

Trembling, her hands dropped to his belt, his cock so painfully hard against her center that the first buck of his hips had her crying out. In shock. In pain. In fucking ecstasy. Crying right into his mouth, all that feeling, that adrenaline, that energy reaching a zenith inside her.

Something needed to happen or she’d just explode.

The wildness. The passion. The need—to kiss, to bite, to rip and tear and destroy and oh fuck

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Countdown || The Uprising (The Hunt, #5)

His inner demon snarled again, for how dare this tiny human speak to him this way? How dare she ignite an inferno in his chest, the flames licking across his ribs, scorching through his veins, broiling his great, stupid heart.

Preorder the full-length companion novel on Amazon!

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