Review: The Erotic Light by Nina Lane


Nina’s Lane’s writing style is beautiful. Just as before with the first book in the series, I loved the style. I was happy to be back a the plantation with Lydia and her dark trio, and I supposed I was hoping for more of the same with this book. There was still lots of smut and lovely scenery, but I found the degradation of Lydia/Jane in this one to be a little much. Not too too much, but there was much more cringe-worthy humiliation for the main character here, rather than willing humiliation at the hand of a good Dom. I was glad to see Preston’s behaviour was set in a negative light in this one: it seemed like no one minded that he was a bit of a sadist in the last book, and that’s not what the a true Dom is supposed to be.

I was thrilled with the outcome of the book, however. The ending was great, and I’d give it a 3.75 if I could. I flew through it just like I did with the last book, and I’d recommend Lane to anyone.

Date Originally Posted: August 26th, 2014

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