Day One

This is…perfection. If you aren’t following this blog, do it. DO IT NOW.

Diary of a broke writer

Wake up. Feed cat, dog and goldfish. Tell 10-year-old daughter that she will get her allowance *next week*. Why? Because Mommy’s a writer, honey. Asks me if I’m famous. Awkward silence ensues.

Now, off to work!

Spend morning reading advice book from best-selling YA author on how to plot character arcs, both emotional and action. Review the *pivot points* in my draft. Realize that I forgot to have enough of those, and in fact, have no idea who some of these people are. Problem!

What do they even look like? No idea. Fortunately, it is now lunchtime. Warmed over chili makes me groggy. Need nicotine gum to get my juices flowing.

Actually write a few pages! Things are rolling along when ambushed by burning desire to check email. I have a new policy of only doing this in the morning and evening. Laughable. Nothing from agent. But…look. A video on platform-building…

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2 thoughts on “Day One

    1. I feel this deep in my soul. It’s an exhausting day perusing the internet and watching cat videos, then beating myself up for getting no work done.

      Can’t wait to read more!


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