Review: Unmasked by Cassia Leo & Kaia Stone






Let me first start off by saying I loved how this book was written. I thought it was absolutely beautifully crafted by the author. It was dark and grungy and dangerous. Physical descriptions were wonderful. I fell in love with the writing style from page one, and because of that, I will absolutely be reading more of the author’s work.

But will I continue with this series? I’m not sure if I was just loving this book so much that I missed key details, but where the hell did that ending come from? Up until the syringe appeared, I had literally no idea that the main character was feeling the way she did, and everything just sort of… spiraled from there. I was left sort of feeling thrown and confused and a little annoyed? I don’t know. The book was so exceptional in its storytelling up to that point, and then it was like getting hit with a truck. Everything just happened so fast, so much info to take in at once, and it just… didn’t work for me.

Also “Grimaldi” makes me think of the Princess Diaries. I know it’s a legit family name, but I was half wondering if it was a joke at first.

Also, can we talk about a virgin getting totally pounded during her first time, while still having a knife wound healing? … No. Alex herself was hit and miss for me. I loved her darkness and her danger, but I was kind of sick of “girly girls” being knocked on. Apparently once you have sex, you become a woman and should therefore love shopping for dresses and shoes, and I just… yeah, it frustrated me. Why do we have to crap on other women just to be the strong loner type heroine who can kill a man with her pinky?

So. I’m left with mixed emotions at the end of this one. A+++ writing, but the ending felt like such a punch to the gut, and not necessarily in a good way, that I’ll need time to digest it.

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