Giveaway #1: Anne Rice Paperbacks

liz is moving and some of her books need a new home...

Hi guys and dolls!

This summer, my Man and I are packing up all our junk and headed for a new city. He’s starting a new career path and the first step is schooling, and I’m basically tagging along for the adventure.

Now, I love all my books, but the guilt I feel making friends and family lug box after box of them has started to get to me. So! I’m doing a paperback giveaway in May and June for about 15 books who won’t be making the journey with me. They are all used, obviously, but used books are my favourite kinds of books, so I’m hoping my fellow bibliophiles can help find them new homes.

Check back every Friday for the newest giveaway. Each winner will receive:

  • A “new” used book
  • A bookmark designed for the upcoming release of The Witches of Westwick College (Lovers and Liars, #3)
  • A cute handwritten note from yours truly
A Lovers and Liars limited edition (heh) bookmark to each winner!

All giveaways but one (which will be noted) are only open to US and Canada residents only. Sorry, international folks, but us indie authors aren’t made of money for huge postage fees. You must be 18 years of age or older to enter. Because smut possibilities. It goes without saying that you should be fine giving me your address so I can send your winnings. All of the rafflecopter add-ons (liking my page, following my blog) are optional for extra ballots. All this giveaway spree is about it helping me choose a new home for each book.

You can enter in two ways:

  • Through the rafflecopter draw (see below)
  • Liking the Instagram photo of the prize you want

I will draw two winners from the rafflecopter pool, then one from the Instagram photo likes.



So let’s get Giveaway #1 started with some photos of the prizes!

Giveaway #1 ends May 20th, so enter today! Click here for the Rafflecopter link! Wheeeeee!

Official Giveaway #1 Instagram Photo

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