Social Media Hiatus: June 13th-21st


Hi beauties!

Just wanted to make an ~*~*~*~*official~*~*~*~ post on my blog that I’ll be taking the next off from social media. A good planner would have gotten everything queued and ready to go by today, but here I am, as per usual, scrambling.

If you’ve been following me at all, you’ll know I’m concussed. I had a major setback recently that my aunt calls Overconfidence Syndrome. Basically I was so excited about being a functional person again that I personed too hard and set myself back a few weeks. Lots of vertigo and headaches. Computer time really sends me for a loop lately, so I figured it was best to just stay off social media, because it is 100% my biggest time-waster on the computer.

So, I’m going to queue all my stuff. I’ll be checking my accounts through my phone a few times a day in case someone needs anything (but srsly hiatus I promise), and then I’ll be back next week with my usual random, flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants tweeting.

I have a freelance project due this weekend, and then I owe it to myself to get The King finished ASAP because I’ve had to push its pub date AGAIN due to brain sadness.So, I’ll be around, steadily sending out author interview questions and trying not to get distracted when I do use the computer.

Until next week, guys and dolls.

xoxo gossip girl


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