The King: An Update

I’ve noticed a few searches for The King’s release date, along with the occasional person asking when the follow-up to The Fool will be published. As always, I’ve got a countdown to my next release on the sidebar, and right now The King is next on the docket!

At the moment the manuscript is going through content editing, along with getting beta feedback from about 6 people. The due date for feedback is the first week of September, then I’ll need to implement the changes I think are necessary. After, it’ll need to go to a proofreader, then be revised a few more times.

My initial release date was October 31st. Now it’s November 20th. Depending on how much feedback I get and how many things I think I need to work on, I might push it to December 6th. If I was in perfect health, or even mildly good health, getting it out early would have been no problem. As it is, I’m still dealing with post-concussion syndrome on the daily. Headaches. Dizziness. All that fun stuff. It absolutely puts a dampener on how much work I can get done in a day.

ARCs will most likely go out once I’ve implemented my proofreader’s changes — because at that point it’s just me fiddling around with word choice and whatnot. I will make plenty of announcements for ARC sign-ups, and I’ll also be doing a blog tour for the release. Because I’ll be booking a bit late, I might have to reschedule the release because my usual tour organizer doesn’t have the date I want available. When will I ever learn to plan in advance?

Anyway. Just know it will be out before the end of the year. I’d love to get things moving faster, but I’m a one-woman show here with a brain who sometimes works with me, most times doesn’t.

Liz – out.

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