Book Review: Merminia by Emm Cole



This was my first venture into the realm of mermaids, and I have to say, Cole has me hooked AGAIN. Merminia had a wonderful cast of characters, all of whom were fleshed out and unique, set against a beautiful backdrop that was so vivid it was like I’d lived in the various kingdoms all my life. What I love most about Cole’s writing is her exceptionally wonderful ability to make me fee like her fantastical worlds are real. When you read her work, you see every detail, feel every emotion. The lore makes sense. It’s exciting. It makes you want more.

Now, I had a few issues with some of the romance. Zara and Ulric’s relationship was actually my favourite, and I’m excited to explore more of it in the next book. Selinne and Gabriel, however, felt rushed and sort of just… thrown together. I suppose extraordinary circumstances can bring unlikely people together, but I just wasn’t buying it. Meanwhile, Selinne’s connection with Aramis? Lovely. Another relationship I’d like to see more of in the future, so long as it doesn’t turn into the dreaded love triangle.

Speaking of the next book… HOLY FORESHADOWING, BATMAN! I’m so excited to see our fav mermaids take to the land to try to combat Ulric. I can’t wait to delve back into this wonderful world, because I know it’s going to be crazy.

Recommended for fantasy lovers who enjoy a splash of romance with their angst.

Check it out on Goodreads!

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