Lovers and Liars: New Covers!

I’m in the process of trying to make my cover collection for the Lovers and Liars serial a little more uniform so, you know, they actually look like they all belong together. While I have plans to have them professionally designed, with a little help from Canva I’ve been able to make some temporary new covers to carry me over until I can afford such an expensive undertaking.

As I mentioned in the third Lovers and Liars book, I’m also redoing the titles for each book to eliminate the supernatural creature Loki and Aphrodite face. I think it just gives a little too much away.

So, feast your eyes on the newest (temporary) covers! I’ll be going through all my Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads etc. pages to make sure everybody matches. THEN it’s on to editing the books to make sure all the covers align. BUT. I’m really happy with them. They don’t scream SEX like the serial does, but hey. I like ’em.

Note: I will also be pulling Maenad‘s paperback, BUT it will reappear as a combined version of books 1 & 2, because it’s too itty bitty right now to sell as a paperback.

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