Thursday TBR: Lucifer by Mike Carey

I watched the TV series adaptation last year, which I really, really enjoyed. I mean, yeah, it was cheesy to some extent. The detective’s make-up was both on and horribly off point. But I’m a total sucker for snarky bad boys with a British accent. The graphic novel seems much darker, much grittier, and I’m tooootally down for that.



From the pages of THE SANDMAN, Lucifer Morningstar, the former Lord of Hell, is unexpectedly called back into action when he receives a mission from Heaven. Given free reign to use any means necessary, Lucifer is promised a prize of his own choosing if he fulfills this holy request. But once he completes his mission, the Prince of Darkness’ demand shakes the foundation of Heaven and Hell. Now as his enemies unite to stop his reemergence, Lucifer gathers his forces as he prepares to launch his new revolution.

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