Cast of Characters: Halloween Costumes (2016)

Happy Halloween, guys and dolls! Tell me in the comments — are you dressing up tonight? Did you go to any swell parties this weekend? My Man and I went as Jim and Pam Halpert to a little shindig last week. No photos, unfortunately, but I figured I’d share what my characters would dress up as instead!

Aphrodite – Lovers and Liars
This gorgeous goddess would absolutely go as Jessica Rabbit. No-brainer. “I’m not bad… I’m just drawn that way,” would purrrrrrrrrrrrr from those sultry lips all night. Otherwise she would absolutely find a way to be as naked as possible.


Loki – Lovers and Liars
Our favourite bad boy Norse trickster would be shapeshifting all night, depending on the person he wants to startle. Aggravating drunk guy at the bar ogling Aphrodite’s cleavage? He’d look like a creature from the guy’s nightmares. Kids trick-or-treating in the suburbs? Some kind of pop culture phenomenon—maybe Thor, just for the lolz—or something non-threatening, because he doesn’t like to torment little kiddies. Sexy ladies? He’d be half-naked and glistening.


Delia Roberts – Games We Play
Given that she’s a vampire hunter, every day is Halloween for her. Generally she’s working every Halloween—as vamps, like teenagers, are huge troublemakers during All Hallows’ Eve. But, on the off-chance she was free, I suspect her costume would be made two hours before the Halloween party with whatever she has in her closet. There would be lots of frantic googling “last-minute Halloween ideas”, and she’d have to explain whatever she came up with. Couch potato, however, would be her ideal costume. Or a hot mess. A la Bob’s Burgers.

Claude Grimm – Games We Play
Claude absolutely reuses Halloween costumes. He’s played The Fool maaaaaaaaaaany times before, but I suspect he’d do whatever Delia wanted if she had enough sense to plan a couple’s costume ahead of time. The ball would be totally in her court though. He’s just a cutie who wants to make his cutie happy.


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