Release Day: The King (Games We Play, #2)


I’ve been really nervous about this release. I wouldn’t say The King is your classic paranormal romance by any means, but it IS classic Liz Meldon. There’s smut, heartbreak, characters doing stupid things because Reasons. It’s all there, and I really hope you all enjoy it.

Thank you to everyone who has helped build excitement, posted an advanced review, or offered to help share the release. I’m so grateful to have such an amazing book community to fall back on. You’re all beautiful and I love you.

And, without further ado, THE KING!

The Kingthe-king

Games We Play: Book 1

$2.99 ebook

$12.99 paperback

Not all vampire hunters dress in head-to-toe leather and sit on rooftops overlooking a gritty vampire-ridden city. Meet Delia Roberts. At twenty-six, she’s a mid-level hunter with the Harriswood League, and, despite her best efforts, isn’t scaling the hunter hierarchy anytime soon.

Months earlier, desperate to prove herself, Delia snuck into an exclusive vampire masquerade, only to wind up with a bite on her neck courtesy of clan leader and gorgeous vampire Claude Grimm. Fearful of the League’s punishment for succumbing to a bloodsucker’s charms, Delia does what she can to hide the bite and pretends the night never happened.

These days, however, Claude is determined to win her over, insisting the spark they felt that fateful night is worth pursuing. As Delia tries to ignore her steadily growing feelings for the enemy and fend off a mounting quarter-life crisis, vampire clan tensions worsen around the quiet city of Harriswood, bringing with them a danger unlike any the League has ever seen.

One that might change the course of history for good.

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