Book Review: King’s by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

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I’m not really sure what to make of King’s. Honestly, I went into it just by randomly clicking on it in my Kindle. The writing is strong and the plot interesting, but from the first chapter I thought this would be a sexy, dark erotic romance. It slowly unfolded with paranormal elements, but the romance/erotic elements weren’t really present — unless King filling doorways is sexy for you.

I realized, once I’d finished, that this is better suited as an urban fantasy or maybe paranormal suspense. Had my expectations been tempered from the beginning, I may have enjoyed the whole ride more. Instead, I was left wondering when things were going to get steamy, when King was going to stop being a huge jerk, and when our heroine would stop ignoring his very obvious words of caution and getting herself into terrible situations. So. I enjoyed the overall product to some extent. I’m curious about what King is and am considering reading the rest of the series now that I know what things are about.

Tl; dr — this isn’t a sexy, dark paranormal romance. It’s more along the lines of urban fantasy or paranormal suspense with a potentially sexy character in it. Good writing. A bit slow to kick off. Interesting.

Check it out on Amazon!

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