Writing Advice: Grain of Salt Edition


I try to share writing advice twice daily. I have a huge Pinterest board full of articles I’ve pinned with the intention of reading later. As a part of my social media scheduling, I try to share one of those articles in the morning, one at night. I go for whatever is interesting, and whatever I think may help fellow writers along their journey.

That being said, I think there’s something super important that every writer should be aware of: not every piece of writing advice is going to work for you. Take everything with a grain of salt. Even if spectacularly successful authors are sharing the tips and tricks of the trade, take it, digest it, and decide whether that piece of advice is right for you.

Because, more than half the time, it won’t work for you–at all. And that’s okay. We all write, plot, outline, and draft differently. And that’s also okay. Never feel that you are somehow less of a writer because the advice of some prolific author just doesn’t fit your vibe.


Because all that does is put you down, and there’s enough in this industry, self-pub and traditional, that will kick you right in the teeth: you don’t need to do it to yourself too.

Take it all with a grain of salt. Someone advises you write daily, but that doesn’t work with your life/schedule/focus? Fuck it. Do what is most productive for you. All these articles with writing advice about character development, plot growth, outlining–all that jazz–are there to help you. Nothing is set in stone. They just provide an alternative for you to consider. If it doesn’t work, and that will happen, move on to the next bit of advice until you find your rhythm.

That being said, there’s nothing more unattractive than someone vehemently shunning all new ideas, techniques, etc. because they think they’re a ~*~*~writing god~*~*~ who was perfect from birth. No. You’re constantly growing and changing in this profession. We’re all students, always, no matter how successful you get. It’s healthy to learn new things, but not all new things will, in the end, be the most effective strategy for you to use on your journey.

And that’s okay.

Just do what works for you.

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