Book Review: Digging the Wolf by Steffanie Holmes

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I’ve been hunting for more interesting shifter books to get me in the muse-mind for writing my own, and I’m so happy Digging the Wolf started my journey.

Anna was a great lead character. As someone with a bioarch degree, seeing the few technical terms and some of the accuracy to actually being on site… I loved it! Anna seemed like an authentic, relatable heroine. I know she was described as kind of a nerdy, bookwormy type, but to me she just seemed normal. Her struggles with the grief of losing her dad and boyfriend rang true to me, and some of the issues she had with her mom in the aftermath really made me connect with her more. All in all, I’d love to read more about Anna in future books.

I generally struggle with alpha shifter males, because they’re so possessive and ridiculous about their mates. Luke, however, was a nice blend of possessive and realistic, and that works just fine for me. He had his moments of being a bit face-palmy, but after all he went through in his life too, I can understand some of his quirks better.

Caleb was a welcome addition to the main romantic couple, and I’d be interested in reading about his journey to find love too! I was also weirdly obsessed with the fact it was always raining. I think the author did a great job describing the storms and the drizzles, and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside reading it at night in bed.

Some things I didn’t necessarily vibe with were the big twist of the Bad Guy (I sort of figured it out, but the action was intense anyway), and the LET’S GET MARRIED after knowing each other for like a week? I know fated mates happen like that, and it is a very insta-love trope, but I would have preferred to see a bit more nuance with the relationship after all was said and done. I don’t mind reading in an epilogue that they’re getting married, but oi. It was so sudden and out of nowhere in the final chapter.

All in all, definitely a book I’d recommend!


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