Book Review: Krinar Diplomacy by Josie Litton

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Krinar DiplomacyKrinar Diplomacy by Josie Litton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I voluntarily provided a review of an advanced copy, courtesy of the author.

As a new fan of Josie Litton, I will basically read anything she writes at this point. Coming off of her most recent release, I was expecting Krinar Diplomacy to be a little more smut-laden and delicious, BUT I’m happy with the story overall. Litton’s beautiful writing and elegant, eloquent storytelling abilities shine through in this short, sci-fi romance novella. Both Jarek and Charlotte were interesting, capable, intelligent characters in their own right. I especially enjoyed Charlotte’s backstory and her job. I could honestly read a full-length work revolving around these two characters — and would of course want lots more sexy action between them.

I was able to delve into the Krinar world having not read any of the previous books, however, I think having a general knowledge of romance tropes helps. After all, to outsiders the romance may seem like insta-love, but if you’re familiar with instant connections between destined lovers in paranormal romance, you’re pretty much set here. Litton did an excellent job of providing an overview of the series without bogging readers down in backstory. I jumped right into the action and loved every second of it. I wish it was longer, but I think it was a very satisfying novella regardless.

If you’re looking for a quick, steamy little read, with a splash of the end-of-the-world, sexy alien invaders, and competent heroines, I’d recommend you give Josie Litton’s Krinar Diplomacy a go!


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