Tentative 2018 Publishing Schedule

Schedule Subject to Change…

Depending on, you know, real life situations and health and all that good stuff, this may change in the coming months. However! I am attacking the new year with this schedule in mind. I have two large paranormal romance serials in the works (which will both be released in, more than likely, two paperbacks / bundles); the year of demon paranormal romance is upon us! I will also have three contemporary romance works: one duology in the summer, and two erotic shorts.

Cheers to the madness and mayhem. I hope you’ll hang on for the ride!

January: Bliss (Erotic Short Shorts, #3)

February: Predator (The Hunt, #1)

March: Prey (The Hunt, #2)

April: Stalker (The Hunt, #3)

May: Killer (The Hunt, #4)

June: The Hunt: Paperbacks + Bonus Content

July: Belle (TBD, #1)

August: Belle (TBD, #2) + Paperback

September: Of Love (Semper Fidelis, #1)

October: Of Life (Semper Fidelis, #2) + Halloween Erotic Short

November: Of Death (Semper Fidelis, #3)

December: Of Peace (Semper Fidelis, #4)

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