TBR Thursday: When Stars Burn Out by Anna Vera

#craving some dystopian goodness as of late!

27245824When a plague turns people into monsters, the only safe place left to live is the Ora, a spaceship beside Earth’s moon. Aboard are the specimens of the next generation, genetically modified to develop powerful abilities, which they must use to fulfill their life’s purpose: exterminating those infected by the plague and stopping the apocalypse.

From the day Eos Europa was created eighteen years ago, she’s cared about little else. But when she fails to develop an ability, everything she’s worked for is lost—that is, until soldiers start disappearing only seconds after reaching Earth’s surface.

In an act of desperation, Eos is sent to Earth to find the missing soldiers. But what she discovers challenges everything she’s ever been taught—about who she is, where she’s come from, and how the apocalypse really began—leaving her to decide whether she’ll continue to play the puppet she was created to be, or disappear like everyone else.

Book Review: King’s by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

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I’m not really sure what to make of King’s. Honestly, I went into it just by randomly clicking on it in my Kindle. The writing is strong and the plot interesting, but from the first chapter I thought this would be a sexy, dark erotic romance. It slowly unfolded with paranormal elements, but the romance/erotic elements weren’t really present — unless King filling doorways is sexy for you.

I realized, once I’d finished, that this is better suited as an urban fantasy or maybe paranormal suspense. Had my expectations been tempered from the beginning, I may have enjoyed the whole ride more. Instead, I was left wondering when things were going to get steamy, when King was going to stop being a huge jerk, and when our heroine would stop ignoring his very obvious words of caution and getting herself into terrible situations. So. I enjoyed the overall product to some extent. I’m curious about what King is and am considering reading the rest of the series now that I know what things are about.

Tl; dr — this isn’t a sexy, dark paranormal romance. It’s more along the lines of urban fantasy or paranormal suspense with a potentially sexy character in it. Good writing. A bit slow to kick off. Interesting.

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