Meet the Characters: Finn Rai

Fifteen days to go until my upcoming erotic romance novella goes live! Squeeeee!

Finn RaiMeet Finn Rai. Heir to a chocolate empire built by his father. Runs operations out of LA. Former playboy. Bored with the high society social scene. Oldest in the family, with a younger sister Siobhan. Plays tennis with sister’s kids every Saturday morning. Wants to open a wildcat rescue, but apparently that doesn’t look great on a portfolio. Half Indian, half Irish. Meets Skye Summers at a sexy party and finds her immediately intriguing. One of the heroes of the ALL IN trilogy. Extroverted. Probably a Gryffindor.

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Meet the Characters: Cole Daniels

Twenty-one days to go before my latest contemporary erotic romance goes live!

Cole DanielsMeet Cole DanielsCyber security CEO. Programming nerd. Hunky billionaire with a managed case of anxiety. Likes sushi, quiet nights in, and his sugar baby Skye Summers. Joined the sugar daddy service because the press were merciless about his non-existent love life. Isn’t a fan of change. Enjoys a good, easy status quo. The only place he’s a shark — the business world. Learned how to fake confidence in the boardroom a long time ago, but it hasn’t translated into the romance department. One of the heroes of the ALL IN trilogy, and a little bit of a mysterious, hard-to-read character until the final book in the trilogy.

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Meet the Characters: Skye Summers (Finn, All In #1)

With less than a month to go before my latest book goes live, I figured it was time to start introducing you all to my latest book babes.

Skye Summers

Meet Skye Summers. Sushi fanatic. Self-professed cat lady. Museum Studies grad. Yoga enthusiast. Hardworking, loyal, and snarky. She’s a blend of Gryffindor and Hufflepuff traits, but when it comes to love, she needs to find her bravery. She became a sugar baby to internet security billionaire Cole Daniels out of necessity in order to pay for university. That was four years ago, and my girl is falling hard for her sugar daddy. Unfortunately, he seems to see her as a best friend and confidant.


For now. *wiggles eyebrows suggestively*

Get your preorder of Skye, Cole, and Finn’s story for 99 cents, and stay tuned for more Meet the Character posts! Next week — our men make an appearance. 


Preorder Available: FINN (All In, #1)

Hey beauties! It’s official — you can now purchase a preorder of Finn, first novella in the ALL IN trilogy. The erotic romance is currently available for 99 cents on Amazon.





Finn - All In - Book 1Skye Summers: Museum Studies grad, yoga enthusiast, sushi fanatic, self-proclaimed cat lady…

Sugar baby hopelessly falling for her sugar daddy.

Unfortunately for Skye, internet security billionaire Cole Daniels, professional workaholic, has always been more like a best friend. When they were paired through an online sugar daddy service in Skye’s most desperate hour, Cole rescued her from financial ruin and a stress-induced breakdown. In return, she has kept the press off his back by posing as his girlfriend for the last four years.

But Skye wants more. Not money or fame, but more of him. Cole: sweet, funny, and ceaselessly charming. At times, even he seems to crave a shift in their relationship to something a little messier–before swiftly pulling right back into the friend zone.

Things take a turn for the scandalous, however, when the latest gift from her sugar daddy arrives: a new dress. He’s taking Skye to a swanky soiree that evening, and the accompanying note has a titillating aside:

PS: Wear something underneath that makes you feel sexy.

Thrilled, Skye obliges with her most daring lingerie. But when Cole’s ulterior motives for the night surface, she’s forced to swallow her disappointment and seek out her own fun–which arrives in the form of the sinfully handsome heir to a chocolate empire, Finn Rai.

The All In Trilogy is a feel-good erotic romance between three individuals, and is not a love triangle. It contains graphic content and is only appropriate for mature readers. There are no trigger warnings associated with the trilogy, and readers will find a happy ending waiting for them at the end of a long, twisting road.

The All In trilogy is told over three novellas, which should be read in order.
FINN (#1)
COLE (#2)
SKYE (#3)

TBR Thursday: Chosen (Allure, #2) by Josie Litton

I was #obsessed with the first novella in the series, and I’m dying to read more. The only unfortunate part is it is SEVEN novellas long. I’m not sure I can handle that, but it’s still absolutely on my TBR. Dark contemporary romance — let’s do this!

27504080My name is Grace Delaney. I was born into this country’s most admired political family. When I was sixteen, the media dubbed me “America’s Princess”. I hate being called that, all the more so since I discovered the terrifying secret hidden behind my family’s glittering public image.
A few months ago, I graduated from college determined to make a life of my own. But now, suddenly, Adam Falzon is in it. The head of an old-world family with a reputation for ruthlessness, he looks like a fallen angel. As attracted as I am to him, I’ve come to suspect that Adam is hiding secrets of his own more deadly and dangerous than I ever want to know. I don’t dare give into my feelings for him.

But I may not have a choice. With every beat of my heart, he is drawing me further into a web of dark desire. My chances of escaping are slipping away. Worse yet, I’m no longer sure that I want to.

CHOSEN is a story of dark romance. It contains scenes of coercion, both emotional and physical, and should not be read by anyone who could find that distressing.