Finn (All In, #1): Now Available On…

free all weekend on amazon

Hello, loves! This is just a little note to let you know that FINN (All In, #1) is now available on a wide distribution platform. It was only available on Amazon for the first 3 months of its release, but will now be sold on multiple ebook platforms.

At of today, you can purchase the 99c erotic romance novella on:




The remaining two novellas in the trilogy will also be available on a wide distribution platform as soon as their 3-month stint in KindleUnlimited is up. I’ll keep you updated!

Release Day: All In Trilogy ~ Book Bundle + Bonus Content


For those of you who have been waiting for the trilogy to be packaged up in one neat little book, here it is! Currently the ebook version is the only one that is live, but I’m working on getting the paperback up for sale on Amazon, along with signed copies via my website. Stay tuned!

READ IT ON AMAZON ~ 99c today only, and free in KU!

All in Trilogy - High ResolutionFor the anti-cliffhanger crowd, read the ALL IN trilogy in a single sitting. This exclusive bundle includes all three novellas — FINN, COLE, and SKYE — along with an additional 17K of bonus content in the form of two short stories + a fun facts page. If you dig billionaire romances with sweet, true alpha heroes, an eventual menage romance without a whiff of love triangle competitiveness, fluff and angst, and a happily-ever-after, then the ALL IN trilogy is for you!

Skye Summers: Museum Studies grad, yoga enthusiast, sushi fanatic, self-proclaimed cat lady…

Sugar baby hopelessly falling for her sugar daddy.

Unfortunately for Skye, internet security billionaire Cole Daniels, professional workaholic, has always been more like a best friend. When they were paired through an online sugar daddy service in Skye’s most desperate hour, Cole rescued her from financial ruin and a stress-induced breakdown. In return, she has kept the press off his back by posing as his girlfriend for the last four years.

But Skye wants more. Not money or fame, but more of him. Cole: sweet, funny, and ceaselessly charming. At times, even he seems to crave a shift in their relationship to something a little messier—before swiftly pulling right back into the friend zone.

Things take a turn for the scandalous, however, when the latest gift from her sugar daddy arrives: a new dress. He’s taking Skye to a swanky soiree that evening, and the accompanying note has a titillating aside:

PS: Wear something underneath that makes you feel sexy.

Thrilled, Skye obliges with her most daring lingerie. But when Cole’s ulterior motives for the night surface, she’s forced to swallow her disappointment and seek out her own fun—which arrives in the form of the sinfully handsome heir to a chocolate empire, Finn Rai.

Meet the Characters: Jack (Holiday Hell, Erotic Short Shorts, #2)

JackMeet Jack, the sexy divorced dad love interest in Holiday Hell! He has a young daughter named Maya, and all she wants for Christmas is a blue-haired Miss Molly doll. Little does Jack realize, that exact doll is all the rage these days, and despite working in client acquisitions for his company, this is going to be his toughest find yet.

While gorgeous, Jack can be a little socially awkward sometimes, blurting whatever comes to mind without thinking it through. He and his ex-wife get along great, but they realized that they were better as friends than husband and wife. That being said, he wishes he was more confident with women–but the women in his life, especially a certain toy department sales associate, thinks he does just fine. He enjoys quiet nights in, weathering the storm with a whiskey and a gorgeous woman, and will do anything for his daughter. He never went through the playboy phase, nor has he done much dating since the divorce, and isn’t looking forward to the day when some teenage player tries to take his daughter to prom. Protective, nurturing, and fair, he isn’t afraid to stand up for what’s right.

Meet the Characters: Elise (Holiday Hell, Erotic Short Shorts, #2)

Elise2Meet Elise Babcock, heroine of the erotic short Holiday Hell! She’s a typical college grad facing an unstable job market after getting her degree in advertising. Although she completed a prestigious internship in New York, a job offer wasn’t extended afterwards. Rather than go totally broke, she packed up and headed for her hometown to live with her parents for a little while. The only job she could find when she returned, however, was as a sales associate at Bennington’s Department Store.

While her retail job sucks the life out of her, ordinarily Elise is a happy, silly, fun person to be around. She likes camping, so long as there’s electricity, and is a fan of Bailey’s-soaked coffees when the weather gets cold. She isn’t one to shy away from men, but she’s a bit selective in the choosing process. While driven to get her career off the ground, her year at the department store has made her a bit lazy (who wants to pack a lunch when you can just buy McDonald’s?), rundown, and listless. Normally confident, outgoing, a little awkward sometimes, Elise is a social butterfly with clipped wings at Bennington’s—and doesn’t realize it’s only going to get worse once December hits.