Free Short Story: Do Us Part

Do Us Part, a Lovers and Liars prequel and the direct follow-up to Til Death has gone live on Smashwords! It is available in all e-reader formats (gotta love Smashwords), and is totally, 100% free.

And it’s a little heartbreaking.

Do Us Part (Lovers and Liars Prequels, #2)do us part - High Resolution
Free on Smashwords!

Where there are beginnings, so too are there endings. Once, for the great gods of the old world, the end lurked in a very, very distant future. Unfortunately, things change—and not always for the better. As humanity turns to a new god, the deities of old fall to war and chaos in an effort to survive. In the years before and the ones that follow the great Immortal Wars, two marriages disintegrate.

Do Us Part is the follow-up short story to ‘Til Death, and is an optional Lovers and Liars prequel.