Friends/Enemies to Lovers: #Instafreebie Romance Giveaway!


Shoutout to my romance lovers! I’m participating in an Instafreebie giveaway with loads of other fantastic authors, and the theme is: FRIENDS/ENEMIES TO LOVERS. You’ll find paranormal, contemporary, erotic — a whole slew of goodness in this freebie giveaway. I’ve already snagged a few and I’m LOVING what I’ve read so far. My reading slump is over!

Giveaway runs from May 8-14, 2017, so get ’em while you can.


My cHappy-Hourontribution to the event is my erotic short story HAPPY HOUR, which features two work frenemies happening upon each other at a barΒ after a shitty day at the office and cheering each other up. Will the euphoria last? We’ll seeeeeeeeeeeee!

Happy Hour is part of the Erotic Short Shorts series, and can be read as a standalone. I’ve had readers request it be turned into a full-length read, so if you love it, make sure you mention that in the review. At some point, I’ll be taking polls to turn these erotic shorts into full lengthers.

TBR Thursday: The Ghostwriter by Jacqueline Sweet

Teehee. I can’t help myself. Ghostwriter smuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut.



The Ghostwriter

Curvy, sassy Jessica Hart is a ghostwriter for the rich and powerful. Sh22035958.jpge’ll do whatever it takes to get the real story and satisfy her client. But her
new job has a twist–her publisher wants her to destroy the billionaire this time.

Logan Grant is a financial whiz, a stock market genius, and handsome, too. Every moment of his life is planned and controlled, except meeting Jessica. She gets under his skin in ways no other woman has. If only he could trust her . . .

Jessica will do anything to unlock Logan’s mystery, even if it means playing a risky sexual game with the billionaire. But some lines once crossed can never be uncrossed.

The Ghostwriter is the first book in the exciting new Billionaire Blackmail series. It features explicit sex, BDSM, and the world’s most powerful vibrator. Mature audiences only, please.