So, in the midst of screaming at Teen’s blatantly homophobic article* that has since been edited to make it more “appropraite” (their spelling, not mine), I’ve realized that I tend to post creative works without sourcing them. While it isn’t putting erotic fanfics on blast on a teen/tween website with no graphic content warnings, I do post gifs without sourcing them.

Going forward, I plan to source my gif usage as best I can. Generally I just do a Google search and use the one that best fits the heat of the moment. However, people work hard on their gifs, and I take absolutely zero credit for the gifs I use. If I could make gifs as beautiful as the ones I use, you bet your bottom dollar I’d be using my own.

So. Just a general shout-out that none of the gifs/memes used are mine, and I’ll do my best (fo srs) going forward to post credit when I can find the original source.

Because I love gif-makers. But damn is it hard to find their sources. I looked so hard to find this one. If anyone has any tips to help better source images, let me know! I want to give credit!

(*) blatantly homophobic fanfic bashing article will be a separate blog post rant, I promise