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Author Interview: Emm Cole

So, if any of you have ever followed me when I talk about Emm Cole, you’ll know I’m absolutely obsessed with her. She’s a phenomenal author. The first book I read of hers was The Short Life of Sparrows, and she’s been kind enough to off a signed paperback copy along with this interview. It’s fucking fantastic, so you ALL should enter for a chance to win!

I won’t ramble on for too long, because I could go forever. Instead, allow me to present the stunning Emm Cole

1. What medium do you use to write? Desktop? Tablet? Pen and Paper?

I fill up a lot of notebooks with dialogue for important scenes, just because it’s quicker to jot it down while I’m remembering it. I also text myself ideas when I think of something I know one of my characters would say or do, but my actual draft is written on my desktop.

2. What are your thoughts on e-books vs. “traditional” print, both as a reader and a writer?

People seem to love e-books, and as a writer I love that e-books can be conveniently downloaded at a cheaper price. It’s all about getting your story out there to people, and e-books are a fantastic way to do so. As a reader I have to admit that I rarely read e-books. I just love having a tangible book in my hand, and there’s something sentimental about being able to put my favorites on a shelf where I can see them when I’m done reading. Occasionally I’ll read an e-book, but if you look at the shelves in my house it’s pretty clear I have an addiction to papebacks.

3. Tell me about your debut novel. Looking back, what are your feelings toward it now?

My first novel MERMINIA was about two warring mermaid clans and a mermaid who has the ability to heal wounds with her hands. She becomes a sort of pawn in the back and forth. It’s a darker take on mermaid lore with no humans in it, and it was a lot of fun to create an entire world beneath the waves with its own customs and culture.

There are probably countless things every writer learns the more books that they write. MERMINIA will always be special to me though, because it was the catalyst for realizing how much I love making mythical worlds and coming up with ominous twists.

4. What is the sweetest thing a reader has ever said about your work?

I had someone email me to say that they cried so hard after reading The Short Life of Sparrows that they had to call in sick to work the next day. It’s not that I set out to leave anybody in the fetal position, but I really was touched that my characters meant that much to a reader that they were that affected by how it all came together.

5. Who would you want your main character portrayed by in the film version of your book?


For the Short Life of Sparrows it would be Karen Gillan (from Doctor Who) for Calli.


Isaiah has loose, thick hair and dark eyes, so somebody like Kit Harrington.


The only person I can picture from Hollywood that I think has Rowe’s swagger and nonchalant attitude would be Travis Femmel (who plays Ragnar on Vikings.)

Here’s a spot to pimp one of your writer friends… GO! (Or to gush about a recent fave read)

Sara Mack is one of those indies who knocks it out of the park. Her stuff is just an auto-buy for me after reading her Guardian series. Her two newest books are contemporary while Guardian is a paranormal romance trilogy with the coolest take on ghosts. Not many authors can switch up the genres like that, but Sara has this total knack with characters. I have read all five of her books, and every one of them has been one of those you read entirely in one day because you can’t put it down.


The Nightbloods and Seers have many buried secrets, and some of them are deadly.

Does real love even stand a chance against the darkest of magic?

Emm Cole’s books are all available on Amazon. 

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Emm Cole is the author of THE SHORT LIFE OF SPARROWS, a Gothic Romance, which was an award winner for Readers’ Favorite in 2015 Supernatural books. She is also the author of MERMINIA and KEEPING MERMINIA, a Young Adult Dark Fantasy duology.

Emm is a self-admitted night owl who likes sweaters, rainy downpours, crazy prints on socks, way too much coffee, high stacks of books, Johnny Cash & The Rolling Stones at hideous decibels, the ocean, and movie marathons.

Her funky imagination tends to be equal parts whimsically pretty and morbidly sinister. Emm plans to keep developing unique magical realms, one book at a time.

For more on Emm’s books visit Emm loves to interact with other writers and readers.

Emm is also on Twitter and Goodreads.

You can find her visual boards for her books on Pinterest.





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Cover Reveal and $20 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

With the It Begins Here anthology releasing this upcoming weekend, I’ve opted to allow my readers to snag a copy of ‘Til Death for free. It’s a short story in the Lovers and Liars universe, and will be available for free download in all formats from Smashwords and its premium retail distributors.

I was initially going to keep the story strictly in the anthology, but I’ve now decided to make it available for everyone, whether they purchase the anthology or not. I know a collection of stories from unknown authors (to you, anyway) isn’t everybody’s thing. I do, however, highly recommend the authors publishing alongside me. They are all super talented and offer something extra or different or just plain cool in their 10k stories, so don’t think I won’t be fangirling over the anthology when it comes out–because that’s going to happen.

However, for those who just want to read my piece, it will be available for free download November 7th, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

My fabulous cover from designer James over at
My fabulous cover from designer James over at

The gods have always been more like humans than they care to admit. Love. Lust. Jealousy. Hatred—there’s no escaping any of it.

‘Til Death is a peek into the romantic dalliances of the ancient ones, detailing the beginnings of two very different marriages in two powerful pantheons. Catch up with Loki and Aphrodite centuries before the two fading gods happen upon each other in a martini bar in modern-day Manhattan, and follow the beginnings and endings of their respective marriages here and in the follow-up, Do Us Part, in Spring 2016.

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