Instafreebie Sample: Finn (All In, #1)

Finn Cover - SAMPLE ONLYHey cuties! My upcoming erotic romance novella is currently available for preorder, and I’ve also got an unformatted, ARC sample of chapters 1 & 2 available on Instafreebie! I think I might do this with all my works going forward, though I’m not a 100% decided yet. It just seems like a nice way for you guys to decide if you want to read more before you buy.

So, go one. Go enjoy yourselves and meet my newest book bbs.

Click the sample cover, boo —> 

Find Your Next Favourite Romance Author (#Instafreebie Giveaway!)

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With only one month of summer left, you gotta make the most of your reading time NOW! Where better to find a fabulous new romance author who could very well become your next fave than on a sweet, sweet Instafreebie promotion! There are 20 full-length reads, plus 21 samples just to tease the palate. See you there, cuties pies!


Kickass Women in Literature! (Epic #Instafreebie Multi-Genre Giveaway)

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I am beyond excited to be taking part in this epic multi-genre Instafreebie giveaway. If you’ve read any of my works, you know I love to feature strong female characters (who are capable of being traditionally “feminine” too *side-eyes Aphrodite*).

In my latest fantasy romance novella, Court of the Phantom Queen, the deity I chose to kick off the series is Athena. To me, she is an exceptionally strong female character, one who is capable of flaws alongside her many, many strengths. Not only is she the goddess of war, but also craft. She’s the best of both worlds, and I’m so happy to see her story featured alongside dozens of books across MANY genres of fiction, all with one thing in common: kickass ladies.


So, go on then. What are you waiting for?



Multi-Genre #Instafreebie Celebration – Free Reads for All!

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Merry Christmas? I’ve never understood the Christmas in July trend, but if it means gifts — GIMME! Me and a whole bunch of other awesome authors banded together to give you some free reads via Instafreebie. If you’ve been meaning to try a new author while you’re lounging on the beach this summer, now’s your chance to stuff your e-reader!

Oh, and Court of the Phantom Queen is on there too. Get on it, boo.