TBR Thursday: The Girl from I.T. by MojoFiction

This looks like it has serious feels behind it. A heroine who is suddenly ill and struggling? That’s something I can relate to. So down to clown with all that.


Alice Morgan has a problem. When something good happens she never fails to talk her 22157674.jpgway out of it. She can’t help it; she just likes to talk. Ask anyone in the long line of her previous boyfriends and employers. Then, when she thinks things are finally looking up, she discovers she has breast cancer. Of course, as could only happen to Alice, immediately after finding out, she’s offered a new job where meets a man she thinks might be the one. Should she tell him about it? Or just call in sick a lot? Unfortunately, it looks like things might get a little complicated…

The Girl from I.T. is a romantic comedy exploring human resolve in the face of adversity — the hope we all have that if you fight hard enough, something wonderful will happen. But, somehow, it’s always in a completely unexpected way.