Social Media Semi-Hiatus: May 29-June 4th, 2017

Hi cuties!

My Man and I are moving to a new apartment this upcoming week. You can imagine how challenging it is to tackle something as stressful as moving with a brain injury, so I’m stepping away from my social media for a little while to make sure I don’t spiral.

Most of my content will be queued media, though I will still check accounts (email, social media, etc.) daily to respond to messages. We also won’t have internet this upcoming weekend anyway, so it’ll DEFINITELY be queued stuff then.

But I’ll be back. I can never stay away for long. Moving is just the worst.

xoxo gossip girl

Brief Hiatus: July 27th – August 3rd

Hi beauties!

The next five days or so are a little chaotic for me. I’m moving to a new city, and packing and stressing and all that jazz is really hard on my concussed brain. So I’ve opted to disconnect tonight rather than forcing myself to keep up with social media while all this chaos is going on around me.

I’ll do a bit of tentative scheduling, but honestly being on the computer when I’m like this has been a bit tough. Lots of dizziness and insane headaches. Last night I went to bed with a horrible headache and woke up with the same headache hours later… It’s just not an ideal situation for my brain at the moment.

Plus we won’t have internet at our place until midway through next week. I will of course be checking my social media accounts until Sunday, so if you need to reach me, I’m still pretty accessible… Just trying to help my brain out. I still have about 500-1K of freelance work before we get into serious packing, sooooo… Guh.

Me to my brain.

A quick King update: a revised draft of The King has gone off to my editor! I’m aiming for a November 20th release, with ARCs going out in October. Keep your eyes peeled for updates. I’ll definitely be doing a blog tour and giving out plenty of free copies of The Fool leading up to the release.