November = Author Interviews Month


It’s been a crazy year, so why not make this blog a little crazier with some author interviews?

For all of November, I plan to host as many authors as I can here on my blog. If you’re interested in chatting, promoting an upcoming release, or just showing off your snazzy main characters, sign up for an interview soon to save the date!

It’ll be a super short interview, because I know how daunting it can be to look at a bunch of questions and try to come up with brilliant answers for all of them, only to fail and procrastinate and plummet into sadness. For my interviews, there will be five. I have a list of a lot of questions, and if you have no preferences (see form link below), I’ll use a random number generator to pick five random questions, and you can tell me alllll about it.

Sign up here today!