The Maenad of Manhattan – Paperback available!

It took a long time, but we finally got there. The Maenad of Manhattan finally has its official paperback version, now available through Createspace on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can get this steamy novella, the start of the Lovers and Liars serial, for $5.98 (US) on Amazon, and get short story ‘Til Death, a Lovers and Liars prequel, included.

Find it on Amazon today!


Book One - CoverThe Maenad of Manhattan (Lovers and Liars, #1)

Price: FREE e-version, $5.98 paperback

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Rating: M for heavy erotic elements

Length: roughly 21K (novella – e-version) or 31K (paperback)


The glory days of Ancient Greece are long gone, and the gods of the Old World are scattered across the globe. As their popularity dwindles, as their worshipers forget, their power fades. Luckily for Aphrodite, she’s a household name. After all, how could anyone ever forget the Greek goddess of Love?

Unfortunately, no one seems to know or care about her divinity. In a world of skeptics and technology-crazed mortals, loneliness and boredom have taken hold. Her life consists of romance advice columns, martini bars, and flings with empty-headed men—until she meets Loki.

She’s intrigued: it’s been decades—centuries even—since she laid eyes on another god, particularly one outside her pantheon. In their short—albeit incredibly sexy—time together, she realizes just how much she needs the companionship of one of her own. Loki, however, seems more interested in catching a murderous maenad than swapping stories about the old days.

Can she convince Loki to stay and make her life a little less lonely, or will he persuade her to join him on his quest for more worshipers? His questionable tactics make her uneasy, but how can she turn down the opportunity to live as she once did: freely, powerfully, and lustfully as Aphrodite of Olympus.

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