The Authors’ Oracle Questionnaire: The Fool

So, last week I was tagged by the fabulous Holly Evans (@ShadowChaosFox) on twitter to answer a tarot-based questionnaire, and I’m IN LOVE WITH THE IDEA. As a tarot card reader myself, of course the idea appealed to me. The original has 22 questions, one for each of the Major Arcana, and can be found here, on author Angela D’Onofrio’s blog.

Since I’m only just getting back to reading and writing with my concussed brain, it’ll be easier to answer one question at a time, but I’m eager to start! So, without further ado, we’re off to The Fool!

0. The Fool: Which of your characters is the most intuitive?  The worst decision-maker?

While I think Loki would like to claim the title as the most intuitive, it’s Aphrodite from my Lovers and Liars serial who has the bragging rights. While she is vain and stubborn and materialistic, Aphrodite as the goddess has the ability to see what a person truly desires, and that gives her a bit of a leg-up as far as being an intuitive being. She’s able to dig beneath the layers of bullshit and really get to the soul of the person, and what’s more is she wants to.

The gods in this serial have a somewhat low opinion of humans, but humans are what have kept Aphrodite going all these years, and she has a genuine interest in getting to know the interesting ones. Her gut has always been her best decision-maker, even with the poor ones, and she goes with it wholeheartedly–even when it gets her into trouble. Her partner-in-crime Loki is a little more calculating in his thought processes, though more so in modern times than ancient.

The worst decision-maker of my published pieces is undoubtedly Delia from The Fool and the Games We Play serial. She’s a young vampire hunter who is out for respect and to live up to the name of her aunt, who was an acclaimed hunter back in her day. So far, she’s been pretty blah overall, not really doing much to stand-out, not really taking the lead to make herself great and earn the respect she wants. I think her worst (and maybe best?) decision is going after Claudia, a Most Wanted Vampire back at League HQ, alone, with minimal weaponry and in a skin-tight dress and heels.

Delia is… flawed. Highly flawed. My Man asked me, after I explained her situation, how she hasn’t been murdered yet by a bored vampire, and my response was that she’s never BEEN in a situation where that could possibly happen. So, throwing herself headlong into a pretty dangerous situation, a masquerade ball full of vamps and vamp sympathizers, was pretty darn stupid on her part.

2 thoughts on “The Authors’ Oracle Questionnaire: The Fool

  1. What a great answer! You’ve clearly put so much thought into these characters. Thanks for joining in I look forward to the rest 😀


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