An Update


Hey all!

So ever since my concussion happened, this blog has basically taken a huge nosedive. I apologize. Lately my brain has been improving a little, but it’s hard enough to write, let alone suddenly become an excellent blogger. I feel that ship has sailed forever, but I know I ought to make an effort to keep this somewhat updated.

So, here’s a quick post about what’s been happening over the last few months.


Hurrrray. This has been a thing since January. There have been improvements, but I’m basically in a perpetual state of concussionhood these days. Sometimes it’s painful, sometimes it’s not. I’m hoping for things to clear up soon. Cross fingers and toes for me.

The King

Despite getting my ass kicked by said concussion, I’ve been working really hard on The King, the first full-length and second book in the Games We Play serial. As of this post, I’m a little over halfway finished, aiming to be done in a month, and hoping to publish October 31st of this year. Keep an eye on either this blog or my twitter for the latest updates. It’s shaping up nicely, but I’m in the weird middle ground of feeling like the manuscript is crap and doomed to fail. It’ll pass, and I’m steadily plugging away at Claude and Delia’s story.

They’re cute. And stupid. Mostly cute though.


The editor I work for was faaaaabulous about my concussion. She gave me so much time to work on recovery, but now I’m slowly getting back to editing. At the moment, I’m one of many interns who gets to read the submissions that get through to an editor’s desk.

AND I LOVE IT. It’s given me an opportunity to read good and bad queries, give my opinions on manuscripts, and read a wide variety of current submissions. Love it.

Freelance Work

I had to force myself through a freelance project in the early days of concussion times, and I think it messed up my brain when I should have been resting it. As of right now, I’m waiting on a super late payment from a client I adore, and have recently started writing again for another client I genuinely like working with. My publishing account has been steadily draining since I’ve been on a freelance break, so I need to get back into the swing of things.

All Other Writing

While I’m working on The King, not much else is getting written. BUT. The third Lovers and Liars book will be out this July! It’s in the editing and revision process at the moment, and I’m really excited to share it. Loki and Aphrodite are dropping the ball, kicking occasional butt, and having some sexy times–you know, the standard.

Loki and Aphrodite will also make an appearance in It Ends Here, the second anthology that I’ll be publishing with a group of super talented ladies who I collaborated with for It Begins Here. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! Should be out this spring!

Otherwise, I’m just plugging along. Brain injuries really knock the shit out of you, and it’s put me behind a lot. I can’t write fanfiction anymore, which I did as a way to blow off writing steam, because my brain just can’t handle the extra workload. I have a guest post about it coming out soon, which I will of course share.

Just wanted to check in and let people know I’m still here. Working. Writing. Recovering. Fun times.

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