The Authors’ Oracle Questionnaire: The Magician

Continuing on (finally) with the questionnaire the amazing Holly Evans tagged me in aaaages ago. You can find the first response I gave (aptly titled The Fool… heh) here, and the original questionnaire here!

I. The Magician: What character, location, or object has the most positive influence in your story?

I’ll answer this one with the third Lovers and Liars book in mind. The book, titled The Witches of Westwick College, deals with a lot of magic, and, you guessed it, witches. To me, something that was a very positive influence in writing my story was nature. Westwick is a tiny town in Idaho, a state that, from what I’ve researched, is very naturally gorgeous in a lot of ways.

When I was writing, things like greenery, forests, rolling hills, fields of lavender, and thunderstorms really enriched the writing process. It’s spring in the timeline, and Loki and Aphrodite have just left a much cooler Vancouver in Book 2 for something a little warmer, a little more hospitable. Getting into the “zone” of writing here was heavily dependent on the elements, which was fitting given the supernatural creature we focus on in this piece.

That’s it! I don’t want to give too much away, but reading it over, nature really contributed positively to this story as I was writing, and I can’t wait to share The Witches of Westwick College (Lovers and Liars, #3) this July!


Interested in getting involved in the serial? The first book, a novella detailing the first encounter of Loki and Aphrodite in modern times, is currently free on Amazon!

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