The Authors’ Oracle Questionnaire: The Chariot

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VII.  The Chariot:  Tell us about the first “darling” you ever “killed”.

The first darling I ever killed outside of fanfiction was a character named Coah in a paranormal romance YA fantasy esque… thing. And he didn’t die in the original draft. He survived. Then in round two, I thought, nahhh he’s awesome, so let’s really stick it to the reader by killing him. He ended up falling into a pit in the forest, a trap, and was impaled on some grotesque spikes. Grisly.


Outside of original works, I definitely killed a main character in a fanfiction piece I wrote a loooong time ago. Fanfiction was where I got my start, and I had a wildly popular story about Draco Malfoy dating a Muggleborn girl (maybe?). No. Noooooooo she might have been Voldemort’s daughter? Fuck it. Who remembers. But anyway, people were in love with the story, and in the end, ol’ Voldie murders her and people lost. their shit.

And I loved it. #readertears

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