Authors’ Oracle Questionnaire: The Wheel of Fortune & Justice

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X.  The Wheel of Fortune:  Do you have a set routine or schedule?

I’m absolutely a planner, so yes, I have a set writing routine. I work 6 days a week on writing, although the amount I do now, during my brain injury recovery, is much less than if I had gone full-time a year or two ago.

Three days a week are for freelance work. I do writing stints throughout the day, aiming for 500+ words each time. I usually end up doing 2500-3000 words on those days, depending on the workload.

The other three days a week, I work on personal projects. Those are more subjective as far as word counts go, but I usually try to do a chapter every two days, which results in a chapter and a half a week done. For smaller novellas, which is my primary focus, it works well, but once I’m able to write more again and get back to writing 80K+ standalones, I’ll need to up production there.

I usually try to be done before 5PM, and that generally works with freelancing, but less so with personal work.

XI.  Justice:  What’s the biggest consequence that your main character will have to face?  (If it spoils the plot, feel free to be vague.)

In my current erotic romance WIP, the biggest consequence our heroine will have to face is losing the love(s) of her life. I don’t want to get too much more specific than that, but the WIP itself is primarily smut and fluff and cuteness, so there aren’t too many dramatic consequences ahead.

The Authors’ Oracle Questionnaire: Strength & The Hermit

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VIII.  Strength:   What do you feel your greatest creative strength is?

I’ve always thought my greatest creative strength is my dialogue skillz. I’d like to think I write snappy, witty banter that makes people smile and feel all the feels. To me, there’s nothing more awkward than throwing self-praise around, but fuck it. I’m good at dialogue.

IX.  The Hermit:  Can you write in coffee shops or other busy places, or do you need quiet?

Yikes. Even before my concussion, I needed quiet to write. Sometimes, if I’m in the right headspace, I can swing a writing stint with some music going. I actually do better if I pump myself up with music first, then I can get my write on. Before concussion times, I found I did good editing and whatnot at coffee shops, but even then writing wasn’t a thing there. I need my quiet, ergonomic work environment, please and thanks.

The Authors’ Oracle Questionnaire: The Chariot

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VII.  The Chariot:  Tell us about the first “darling” you ever “killed”.

The first darling I ever killed outside of fanfiction was a character named Coah in a paranormal romance YA fantasy esque… thing. And he didn’t die in the original draft. He survived. Then in round two, I thought, nahhh he’s awesome, so let’s really stick it to the reader by killing him. He ended up falling into a pit in the forest, a trap, and was impaled on some grotesque spikes. Grisly.


Outside of original works, I definitely killed a main character in a fanfiction piece I wrote a loooong time ago. Fanfiction was where I got my start, and I had a wildly popular story about Draco Malfoy dating a Muggleborn girl (maybe?). No. Noooooooo she might have been Voldemort’s daughter? Fuck it. Who remembers. But anyway, people were in love with the story, and in the end, ol’ Voldie murders her and people lost. their shit.

And I loved it. #readertears

The Authors’ Oracle Questionnaire: The Lovers

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VI.  The Lovers:  Which of your characters follow their heart?  Is it for the right reasons?

I think the most obvious of all my characters is Aphrodite. Goddess of love, of course she follows her heart. I think working with Loki has started to make her a little more calculating by book 3 of the serial, but she’s still someone who goes with her heart and with her gut.

Aside from her, Claude Grimm, the second half of my romantic pair in The Fool (2015), The King (2016), and The Queen (2017)He sets his sights on Delia Roberts, and the guy follows through time and time again. His heart knows what it wants, even if his lady is wrapped up in her head. Claude absolutely feels and empathizes, perhaps a little too much. He’s my adorable, feelsy bby. A total Hufflepuff.

Both of them follow their hearts, and for Aphrodite it works. You know, being a goddess kind of means things work out for you in the end. Claude, on the other hand, is a lover and not a fighter, and given the vamptastic world he lives in, that isn’t always a good thing.