Book Review: Diary of a Single Wedding Planner by Violet Howe


I was pleasantly surprised how much realism was in this book. The romance here was a refreshing read, despite the somewhat cliched elements of it. I really enjoyed reading something that wasn’t all Prince Charmings and white horses and HEA on crack. This was a well-done tale of the modern woman. I related to Tyler in a lot of ways, from her muddled feelings about her high school flame to her struggles with career goals and romance fears.

Did the plot overall totally blow me away? No. I went into it really hoping to read another incredibly funny “secret diary” type book. It had a few moments of brilliance, definitely. I wanted more work horror stories, not less. Did it all end a little fluffy? Kind of. Did we know (spoiler alert) Cabe and Tyler were destined to be? Probably. I would have liked to just read about a woman and her best friend ft. the guy she was slowly falling for, but that’s a different kind of story.

Well-written. A little cheesy occasionally, but just the right amount. Can confirm that bomb-diggity and cray-cray are used in total seriousness — but it’s not a serious book. It’s a light read with some serious feelings sprinkled throughout. I’d definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a new chick-lit read.

Find it on Goodreads!

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