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Places_ Farrow's Hollow

Continuing with my behind-the-scenes blog series, which so far has consisted of some Creature Features, we now take a quick look into PLACES. I always think the vibe of a city, especially the place where your characters spend a lot of their time, should reflect the vibe of the book itself. THE HUNT primarily takes place in Farrow’s Hollow, a mid-sized  city that has the unfortunate luck of being located near a hell-gate.

Because of its proximity to a doorway to Hell, Farrow’s Hollow is positively teeming with demons. However, humanity as a whole is unaware of the supernatural, which forces demons, vampires, witches, fae, elves, and the like to integrate. If you make waves, if you threaten humanity, the angels working at Seraphim Securities will take you out.

That being said, demon mob families run nearly all the city’s crime, and the gritty underbelly consists of drug, sex, and weapons trade that, for the most part, happen without the public’s knowledge. Key human officials are paid off so that the supernatural community can operate without police interference.

Farrow’s Hollow has a smallish university — FHU for life! — and a bustling downtown core consisting of retail shops, restaurants, and mid-rise corporate buildings. Demon-run establishments do especially well, as humanity feels an inexplicable draw toward them. Its architecture is primarily Gothic-inspired, best exemplified by the buildings on the university campus. While surrounded by forestry, the city itself is lacking in green space, though the municipal government is trying to fix that.

Known Farrow’s Hollow locations in THE HUNT include the university campus, Seraphim Securities, The Inferno, and Alaric Crowley’s invisible downtown home.

General PSA: Don’t Pirate Books

Recently, an author friend of mine sent me a link to a website that had pirated her upcoming release. Not only that, but she showed me that said website also had all four of my upcoming books available for free download — including one I haven’t even written, one I’m halfway through writing, and the other that has been seen by a single beta reader thus far.

Which, let’s be real, that’s some crazy pirate sorcery. Somehow they’ve managed to reach into my brain and produce a manuscript without my knowledge, and now have it available for mass consumption!


As long as the internet lives, there will be piracy. Still, it sucks when you pirate our books. It sucks hard.

So, don’t pirate. Why?

  1. Indies don’t make a lot of money, and you’re basically stealing what little money we do make when you pirate.
    • I mean, yes, I know there is a percentage of indie authors earning 4-5 figures each month, so obviously this doesn’t apply to them.
    • Actually, yeah, it does. No one wants to have money stolen from them, whether they earn a lot or a little.
  2. Pirating sites might be collecting and selling your credit card information.
    • This is bad.
  3. Pirating sites might be delivering a virus.
    • I think of this when I see that my books are available for PDF and EPUB download… and I haven’t even written them yet. So, what, exactly are you downloading? Something shady, that’s for sure.
  4. For traditional authors, you pirating their book vs. buying it means their publisher won’t have all the actual sales data — and might not ask for the next book in a series if they think it’s performing poorly. Help your favourite authors by buying their work.
  5. Sometimes pirating websites charge you for books that are actually free on legal channels. I once saw someone selling my permafreebie for $5.50. Like. Bro. No.

If you’re someone who burns through four books a week, I understand it can be expensive to keep buying books. However, there are other ways you can contribute that doesn’t involve piracy.

  1. Become an ARC reader. If your favourite author is looking, offer to read and review advanced works. You get the books for free, authors get review on release day — it’s a win-win.
  2. Try Kindle Unlimited or other set-price programs. Here, you pay a set fee per month, and can read as many books as you want within that program. If you don’t have a Kindle, Amazon offers a free download of their e-reading platform, allowing you to read on your tablet or even your phone.

So, don’t pirate. And don’t download books I haven’t even written yet. I guarantee it’s a scam.

#currentlyreading: Death and Beauty by Samantha MacLeod


35144628Baldr the Beautiful is dead.

Desperate to get back to his privileged role as Óðinn’s favorite son, Baldr strikes a bargain with Hel, the terrifying half living and half skeletal queen of the realm of the dead. He offers her the only thing he’s got: knowledge from the living world. Hel gives him three days. If he can teach her something new, she will return him to the realms of the living.

But the icy Hel seems completely impervious to Baldr’s charms. What’s worse, she already knows everything. By the end of the third day, Baldr realizes he’s only got one chance left to impress her.

Returning to his former life looks like it’s going to depend on Baldr the Beautiful seducing the most formidable woman in the Nine Realms.