Book Review: Bound by Nikki Sex



I was actually really excited to read this series. I have the whole box set on my Kindle, but opted to just try the first one to see if it was for me. Most of the time, BDSM books are right up my alley, and I especially like ones that feature realistic play. But this… I was actually bored reading the first installment in the Bound and Freed box set. So bored that I skipped whole pages because I couldn’t read another paragraph about how awesome John’s body was or how amazing he was at being a Dom. It was a lot of info-dumping for me. A lot of gushing about the main character… Let mejudge how sexy and amazing he is by showing me him, not telling me about him through secondary characters. I dunno. It just really grated on me. Plus the rampant use of unnecessary commas.

I don’t think I’ll be continuing with the rest of the box set. I’m glad there are lots of fans out there, but this wasn’t for me.

Check it out on Goodreads for more reviews and buy links!

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