Book Review: Pleasure Extraordinaire by Liv Bennett


While I didn’t hate the writing style, this is a 2.5 star read for a number of reasons.

1. The plot. This felt like it should be two different books: a semi-famous woman is paid to date a secret gay billionaire and falls for his hot son, then a woman explores Pleasure Extraordinaire and all the glorious men there. As it stands, the plots felt thin and less developed than I wanted.

2. Character development. Main gal has sex with Zane and has no spark of fear or anxiety for what it might do to her multi-million dollar paycheck? Right.

3. The author listing very specific physical attributes as unattractive. B cup reference, anyone? Why can’t she just say her boobs always seemed too small? Why do we have to be so specific? I get enough of that IRL. I don’t like it in my fiction.

4. Main female character (her name is slipping my mind) considers “Mr. Ice” a “crybaby” when he gets upset that she shoved a finger up his behind, despite hinting he didn’t want it moments earlier. If the roles had been reversed we’d be up in arms.

So. I’m kind of interested in reading more, but despite the good sex scenes and writing style, there was a lot here that kind of put me off.

Check it out on Goodreads for more reviews and buy links!

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