Cast of Characters: Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Tis the season to wear stupid sweaters. AKA Liz’s main characters get ready for an ugly sweater party.

A P H R O D I T E (Lovers and Liars)

Aphrodite reaaaaaaaaally wanted to look cute and coordinated with her Norse date, but since he wasn’t down to match, she’d go with the little red number below. Paired with, of course, a sinfully short skirt and stockings complete with visible lacy garter.


L O K I (Lovers and Liars)

Loki does not find this holiday as entertaining as Halloween. Given that the intention of his outfit isn’t to scare or to entertain, he plans to just get shitfaced drunk at the party and therefore left Aphrodite in charge of his outfit. She constructed accordingly.


D E L I A (Games We Play)

This vampire hunter actually has a gorgeous man on her arm this year (in theory — ignore the ending of The King… heh), and she kind of wants to impress. So she went full mall crawl binge and created an entire outfit. Claude, of course, can’t wait to get it off, for more reasons than one.

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C L A U D E (Games We Play)

Claude prepared for the ugly sweater party with his date’s blood sugar levels in mind. Every pocket on his ugly advent calendar sweater would be full of Delia’s favourite snacks, guaranteeing him a very present lady for the entirety of the party.


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