Book Review: One Condition by Nova Raines

BOOK (19).jpg

I finish One Condition with a weird feeling, similar to how I felt when I read another book recently. I absolutely adored the writing. The narrative voice was A++, and it had me hooked from the beginning. People whine about Hayley being spoiled and bratty–yeah, she is. That’s who the character is. Daughter of a rock star. Social elite. Went to fancy boarding schools and the like. You have to know that she’s going to be a bit of all those negative traits and kind of just roll with it. That’s what makes a character well-rounded–they aren’t sweet and perfect. I personally really enjoyed Hayley, and I didn’t hate Kaidan, though I wasn’t smitten with him as a romantic lead come the end of the piece.

My big issue is hopping back onto Goodreads and seeing that there are three (?) more books that go with this story, and they will all probably be equally short. This is a situation where I think the books could easily be combined to make a single book, but are instead broken up so that we now have to buy a bunch of extras… No. I genuinely enjoyed the book. I want to know more. However, I’m not rushing out to buy several more books that tell a single story. Maybe I’ll snag them when they come up as freebies during deals and such, but for now, I won’t be continuing with Hayley and Kaidan’s story.

Check it out on Goodreads for more reviews and buy links!

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