Book Review: A Stolen Heart: Lenora by Candace Osmond

BOOK (5).jpg

This is the perfect little novelette to read while you’re on the bus, train, waiting at the doctor’s office for your appointment that was supposed to start an hour ago… You know, the works. It’s short, sensual, and delightfully witchy. I personally appreciate the touch of herbs and chakras and natural magic sprinkled in there over the typical point-and-shoot spells that witches tend to have. Well-written. Definitely an erotic read. I’m interested to know more about the coven’s quest for immortality!

Note: This is one of those books where each novelette is a piece of the whole pie, but it seems that each witch will have a turn to tell her story and have her say.

Check it out on Goodreads for buy links and more reviews!

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