Book Review: The Ivy Lessons by Suzy K. Quinn

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When I checked out this book on Goodreads before reading, it had a whole slew of bad reviews. Like. Some really not great ones. But you know what…


Fuck it. I liked it.

Sure, there were parts I wasn’t super keen on. As I mentioned in one of my little “updates”, I can’t stand it when books use ‘ instead of ” for dialogue. Like, why is that a thing? It shouldn’t be. It looks weird in text, and I just… I don’t know. I raged on the first page, then go over it. Other things I wasn’t keen on: Marc filming/taking pictures of Sophia during more intimate moments, his refusal to “finish” because that meant he wasn’t in control, and how often he refused to listen to her saying no. I wished things were a little more equal in a way, but here we are.

Otherwise, I was good to go. I mean, I took this as smutty fantasy, all the while knowing going into it that there were some issues that made other people see red. I lowered my expectations, and I had a good time with it. Am I rushing out to get the second book? Not right away. Maybe some day. It’ll be added to my to-read list certainly. I gave it such high marks because even with the issues I had, I motored right through the book, for the most part enjoying myself. I don’t disagree with the criticisms found in some other reviews, but all in all, I had a pretty fun time reading.

I’d recommend it for those into the teacher/student dynamic, and everything that goes with that!


2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Ivy Lessons by Suzy K. Quinn

    1. Baaahaha thank you! Sometimes you just gotta stand behind what you like, even if it’s not the “popular” opinion on the reviews page.


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