Book Review: The Ivy Lessons by Suzy K. Quinn

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When I checked out this book on Goodreads before reading, it had a whole slew of bad reviews. Like. Some really not great ones. But you know what…


Fuck it. I liked it.

Sure, there were parts I wasn’t super keen on. As I mentioned in one of my little “updates”, I can’t stand it when books use ‘ instead of ” for dialogue. Like, why is that a thing? It shouldn’t be. It looks weird in text, and I just… I don’t know. I raged on the first page, then go over it. Other things I wasn’t keen on: Marc filming/taking pictures of Sophia during more intimate moments, his refusal to “finish” because that meant he wasn’t in control, and how often he refused to listen to her saying no. I wished things were a little more equal in a way, but here we are.

Otherwise, I was good to go. I mean, I took this as smutty fantasy, all the while knowing going into it that there were some issues that made other people see red. I lowered my expectations, and I had a good time with it. Am I rushing out to get the second book? Not right away. Maybe some day. It’ll be added to my to-read list certainly. I gave it such high marks because even with the issues I had, I motored right through the book, for the most part enjoying myself. I don’t disagree with the criticisms found in some other reviews, but all in all, I had a pretty fun time reading.

I’d recommend it for those into the teacher/student dynamic, and everything that goes with that!


2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Ivy Lessons by Suzy K. Quinn

    • Baaahaha thank you! Sometimes you just gotta stand behind what you like, even if it’s not the “popular” opinion on the reviews page.


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