Book Review: Twitter Girl by Nic Tatano

BOOK (29).jpg

When I was finished reading, I’m not sure how I felt. I shut my kindle off, set it away, and found I was sort of let down. I loved the start of the book. Cassidy was the fiery heroine of my dreams, really, and I thought the premise of making snarky political comments during a presidential campaign was super interesting.

Her romance with Becker was obvious: even if he wasn’t super focused on her at the beginning, I knew the romance would happen. I figured they’d be discovered by the press. I’m happy there was no smear campaign to ruin Cassidy’s character… In fact, I liked that, overall, the book was fairly happy and light. I guess I just disliked how obvious Tyler was about being in love with her, and Cassidy had nooooo idea, despite being the incredibly smart and perceptive woman, and reporter, she was.

I totally skim-read Ripley and Cassidy’s love speeches to their men. I didn’t find that interesting and worth the two pages they took up. I ended up blitzing through the sunshine and roses ending… I know chick-lit is supposed to be light and fun and romantic (at times), but I just wasn’t keen on the plot after the mystery had been wrapped up.

Overall, I liked the book. There were a number of elements that put me off, but not enough to stop reading. Cassidy had a fun narrative voice, and Tyler was a great romantic substitute for the classic “hot guy” lead. Still, I found the very last chapter and a bit disappointing, and I wish the quirky, snarky realism that the book had for the most part stuck through until the end.


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