Authors’ Oracle Questionnaire: The Wheel of Fortune & Justice

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X.  The Wheel of Fortune:  Do you have a set routine or schedule?

I’m absolutely a planner, so yes, I have a set writing routine. I work 6 days a week on writing, although the amount I do now, during my brain injury recovery, is much less than if I had gone full-time a year or two ago.

Three days a week are for freelance work. I do writing stints throughout the day, aiming for 500+ words each time. I usually end up doing 2500-3000 words on those days, depending on the workload.

The other three days a week, I work on personal projects. Those are more subjective as far as word counts go, but I usually try to do a chapter every two days, which results in a chapter and a half a week done. For smaller novellas, which is my primary focus, it works well, but once I’m able to write more again and get back to writing 80K+ standalones, I’ll need to up production there.

I usually try to be done before 5PM, and that generally works with freelancing, but less so with personal work.

XI.  Justice:  What’s the biggest consequence that your main character will have to face?  (If it spoils the plot, feel free to be vague.)

In my current erotic romance WIP, the biggest consequence our heroine will have to face is losing the love(s) of her life. I don’t want to get too much more specific than that, but the WIP itself is primarily smut and fluff and cuteness, so there aren’t too many dramatic consequences ahead.

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