2017 ~ Pricing Policy

Hi babes! Just wanted to share what you can expect as far as pricing goes for my books. Because I’m an indie author, I get to set my prices. When I first started, I wanted to make everything as affordable as possible because the bulk of my reader audience stemmed from fanfiction. At this point, I’m tweaking prices, seeing what works, but note that I primarily set things based on word count. The higher the word count, the higher the production cost on my end of things, so I’ve started to reflect my prices accordingly.

So, what you can expect based on word counts in 2017:

Individual Ebooks:

5,000 – 20,000 words: $0.99

20,000 – 55,000 words: $2.99

55,000 – 80,000 words: $3.99

80,000+ words: $4.99

120,000+ words: $5.99


Boxsets & Bundles: The cost of all books in the bundle minus $1-2

Paperbacks: $12+

Preorders (generally): $0.99


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