Book Review: Soft Limits by Brianna Hale

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Okay, now that that’s out of the way. I’m so genuinely in love with this book, and I’m so, so happy I decided to take a chance on a new author. This was a case of pretty #bookstagram graphics selling me on a book long before I’d even read the blurb. While I enjoy Dom/sub romances, I’ve never read the DD/lg dynamic, and I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. However, the dynamic between Frederic and Evie was so absolutely perfect that I feel like this was the ideal introduction to the Daddy Dom kink — consider my interest officially piqued.

I think what I loved about Evie was just how much of myself I saw in her. I too come from a background of loving the despicable villains of movies, books, and theater productions, and I also had a fanfiction account that sent me in the direction of writing my own stuff. Beyond that, Evie was self-possessed, hardworking, confident (in her own way), and brave, too. She might have enjoyed the little-girl side of life to a degree, but she was still a capable, strong adult woman who finally just accepted what she wanted and enjoyed sexually. To me, this was a really liberating read. I found myself celebrating her realization, and her eventual acceptance of it.

Frederic was an awesome romance lead too, in that he was sexy, domineering, but also soft and caring when called for — and flawed. He’s my favourite sort of hero, and I could have read a whole series about him and Evie exploring their new relationship together.

I’ll admit it. I knocked off half a star because I wanted more smut. I wanted to see them exploring and playing and being kinky together. What we got was great, but it felt too fleeting for what it was.

Overall, I highly recommend Soft Limits by Brianna Hale! It was exciting, a little taboo, and heartbreaking all at the same time. Bravo!


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